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Decorating new bedroom could be fun but sometimes can be frustrating, depends on your perspective. This could be harder if you’re just married and moved to a new house. You absolutely need romantic bedroom ideas for couple. Those ideas are not just for newlyweds. Romantic ideas would strengthen your connection with your loved one.

So, aren’t you interested to renew the look of your master bedroom? Explore the beautiful ideas that will help you beautifying the room without wasting too much cash. Everything you’ll see below is going make either your new bedroom or old one feels more romantic.

Simple Elements for Totally Romantic Room

Coziness affect your feeling and your couple feeling while you’re in the room. So, the very first thing you must do is to make the bed feels comforting. And one clever way to do it is by covering the bed with soft blanket. Mohair throw blanket would be a brilliant option but you’re totally free to use another fluffy blanket to both decorate the master bedroom and keep her comfortable at once.

Thousands of colors come to beautify the world, and absolutely your bedroom as well. Pink and red are romantic but white is not less gorgeous for your bedroom. White brings elegance to your room. Cover your bedroom floor with white cozy carpet and make the windows look mesmerizing with the marvelous white drapes that will show you the beauty of the world when they’re open.

Since your focus in building romantic bedroom is to make her happy, you should try a vintage theme. A bed with venetian headboard, white pillowcase combined with floral bed cover, and floral motif on the vintage styled ottoman is going to be awesome. Your wifey would appreciate what you do for her, though you might have to be strong enough to stay in a bedroom full of flowers.

Deciding the Room Theme

Theme must be decided before you start decorating the room. It helps you finding the right ornaments and decorations to create a romantic bedroom. One theme you could try is the simple white. Make her feels like she’s flying by spreading white on the walls and ceiling. All white bed is going to make you both feel like you’re on the clouds. Complete the room with antique mirror and unique pendant lamp.

Artistic theme is also a great choice. Make the room feels more artistic by adding an abstract art on bedroom wall. Simple monochrome colored abstract wall art is enough to enhance the unique look of your room.

If you want something romantic for her but also masculine for you, moody theme is the best one among the other designs. Black on bedroom floor and wall create a manly look. Add white for the other walls and grey for the bed. Those monochrome colors are making an ideal bedroom for you and her.

When Green Meets Some other Colors

Is it possible for green to make a romantic bedroom for newly married couples? Nothing is impossible in this world. Pick a bed that has moss green colored headboard. Tall headboard lets you both lean on it while talking about your future. As for the bed, cover it with pink blanket to create a romantic feel. Add something romantic on the wall above your headboard like your favorite wedding photos.

Pale green is another option to make a romantic bedroom. Create an epic bedroom by combining pale green with pastel blue and white. A little touch of pastel blue on the ceiling and on the bed will be enough. Cute cheeky pillows on the bed and chic framed mirror hung on the wall over your headboard will impress her a lot.

Forest themed bedroom is the next of romantic bedroom ideas for couple. Bring in green living plants into your bedroom. If possible, get flowery living plants that will match your wooden and rattan furniture. Just be ready to keep the room clean from falling leaves and other dirt from your plants.

Chic Interior for Romantic Bedroom

Want to do something romantic for valentine’s day? There’s no need to spread flower petals on the bed. You can leave your white bed stays simple. Just replace some decorations around the bed. Bonsai plant on bedside table would be nice. Hang some romantic wall décor like your anniversary photo on the wall above the bed. The simpler the better, especially for tinier bedroom.

Ask her what she loves. If she loves something natural, stone walls are extraordinary option. Make her feel like she’s above the cloud by painting the ceiling with pastel blue. Also, cover the windows with drapes in same color as your ceiling. White bed would act as a cloud that carries you and her between the blue sky.

If both of you love spending times in the room, a cozy bed with sheer white valance is going to make you feel better. White valance on white bed would be boring. So, add something colorful like colorful pillows to make the room more attractive. Get a rug that matches your pillows.

Cheap but Luxurious Bedroom

There’s totally easy and way to make her happy, flower. Almost every woman on earth loves flower. If your wife has a favorite flower, go give it to her, she’ll really appreciate it. If you couldn’t get the flower she loves, go get a blanket or another cloth with her flower as the motif. Hang it on the ceiling above the bed or on the wall over your headboard. She’d be happy to see it every time.

Does she love pink? Then she’ll love the pink flower that matches pink bedsheet and pink ornaments in the room. You don’t have to spread pink everywhere in the room. Just make sure it is enough to make the room feels more romantic for feminine wife.

Instead, if you really want to use real flowers to make her smile, go get a bouquet of her favorite flower. Place it on bed and watch how happy she’d be when she finds it later. Or place the fresh flower in a vase on bedside table. Add a love letter written on a paper to complete your romantic bedroom ideas for couple.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas
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This deluxe carpet virtually looks rainbowlike, radiating a feeling of luxury and convenience. The distinctive panel headboard introduce the perfect comparison. For the utmost touch of romance, hang light pink sheers that’ll radiate a glowing radiance throughout the area.

Lacquer Red Wall

Romantic Bedroom Ideas
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The high-shine gloss of lacquer paint will certainly make any type of area really feel sleek and attractive in an instant. As well as in a color of red similar to this one, points will heat up much more. Since the walls are so over the top, select classic cream color bed linen and also conventional sconces to brighten all of it off.

Create a Cocoon Curtain

Romantic Bedroom Ideas
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Hang curtains in front of your bed to heighten the sense of personal privacy and also intimacy. It’ll seem like a little cocoon removed from the outdoors. A cozy comforter you would certainly never intend to obtain of doesn’t harmed either.

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