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Where did you usually go whenever you want to hang out with your families, friends, or colleagues? People have their own preference, but many people would go to bar for sure. However, do you think that doing such activity can only be done away from home? Need to be known, we can actually build bar at home and we are not talking about bar inside our home. To be precise, we refer it to outdoor kitchen bar ideas here. As the name suggests, we’ll have the kitchen bar built outside our own home.

Since it’ll be outside the house, the space won’t be something to worry about. As long as the space allows, you can build as big as kitchen bar you want. The problem is you need to find the best one to go with. We need the kitchen bar to be functional and enjoyable at the same time. Only then, you can expect it to be able to optimize your backyard area. You have to make your choice properly, of course. It is not just about the kitchen itself. There has to be seating too since it is going to be a bar.

Kitchen Bar with Stone Structure

Since the kitchen will be outside the house, you need to make sure the durability of the kitchen. After all, it has to withstand harsh weather outside. For that, we suggest you to build this kind of kitchen bar here.

Its structure is mostly made of stone. It might not be something that of DIY kind that you can build on your own, but it is worth making. It blends well with wooden roof and pillars. Don’t forget to line stools along the table. Then, you are done making the kitchen have its bar part.

Modern Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

You don’t always have to construct the kitchen bar with mostly stones or wood to make it look natural so it can be the most suitable space to cook and eat outside our home. You can use the same materials to make the kitchen look more modern instead of traditionally natural. Even small spaces are enough to realize this kitchen idea.

You just need to cut the stones clean to make of the floor or tiles to make of the counter top. With stainless steel cooking tools, you make nice outdoor living.

Traditional Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Of course, you don’t always have to go with modern kitchen bar if you don’t want to. The traditional one can always make the best alternative for you. For this kitchen bar, you will mostly use wood material to build most parts of it. It is your choice to go with finished or unfinished wood for it.

For rustic theme, you can use barrels to act as the table legs, get straw for the roof, or make swings to replace the stools for the bar. Then, it will make the very best traditional kitchen bar to have outside.

Blend with Nature Kitchen and Bar

Did you have much space in your garden? With greenery around, you will be able to make cozy kitchen bar to cook, eat, and have quality time together with your friends or families. For that, we need to go with the kind of outdoor kitchen bar ideas that goes amazingly well in blending with nature.

We may use stone for the kitchen counter, but let the rest go with wood material instead. Then, along with the cooking tools, you need to decorate the kitchen bar with potted plants as well.

Small, Simple Outdoor Kitchen Bar


Kitchen bar does not need to have its entirety outdoor. How about this one then? If you have indoor kitchen with window opens onto patio, you can set the bar outside.

Make good use of the window to act like a counter. Build the table and don’t forget the stools. You can prepare your bar kits on the table to make it looking more like that of bar counter. If not, you can always set separate bar counter. It doesn’t have to go with pass-through window idea. Either way, it looks good all the same.

Cozy, Little Outdoor Kitchen Bar

Your kitchen bar does not have to be so big to be called as one. It does not matter even if it is small as long as it functions just fine. Even small kitchen is enjoyable to cook in if you design it properly. This one for example, can look surprisingly cozy even if it is so simple.

Since it does not occupy much space too, it works so well with home designs with pool. This kitchen bar usually goes with U or L-shaped formation with kitchen counter and bar table. Of course, there are bar stools to include too.

Outdoor Kitchen Bar with Roof

Not all outdoor kitchens have to be wide open. Just because they are outdoors, it does not mean that they are not supposed to have roof at all. You can still have kitchen outside and protect the area from sunlight, rain, or anything that might fall from above with its roof.

Just avoid making walls and doors. If you do make them though, make sure they can be opened when used and you can still consider it as outdoor kitchen. Then, you don’t have to worry about the durability of the kitchen bar.

Kitchen Bar with Umbrella Roof

Your bar table does not have to be one with the kitchen. If you want, you can have separate table set for the bar. You can set table of any shape with chairs along with it. Since it might be too hot to eat outside, consider using umbrella roof and you get that somewhat beachy feel for the bar.

Of course, you can still have the same roof even for bar table that is not separated with the kitchen. Outdoor kitchen bar ideas vary this much. You just need to go with one that meets the needs most.

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