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Living room is basically the place for you to spend time together with friends, guests, and relatives. Then, how does it differ from family room? Family room is more informal area where only family members have quality time together. Meanwhile, living room is more like semi formal one where other than family members can be welcomed at home. Still, proper design idea must be chosen for it. So, how about mid century modern living room then? There are several reasons for you to pick it.

What kind of design idea is this? If we have to say it, it is vintage and modern at the same time. The vintage vibe comes from the old-fashioned stuff used in the room. That’s what mid century design idea mainly emphasizes. As for the modern one, vibrant colors and new-style furniture are what you get in.

Mid century modern idea will have them both combined perfectly. It might be hard for you to imagine. So, we have some ideas for you to consider below. You can pick either of them right here.

Mid Century Modern Idea with Vivid Vibe


Just because there is mid century style mixed in the room design, it does not mean that it can’t be lively. Sure, you can’t have vibrant colors in, but even this design idea has its own liveliness to offer. For that, proper pieces must be included in. In this living room interior, white wooden bench look nice to go with light grey sofa and armchair.

Put fake plant too to add a bit of vibrant color in the room. Long curtain, cocktail table, and rug with square motif will punctuate the room even more.

Large Living Room with Its Relaxing Mood

Since it is for living room, the mood you make in it should be part of your consideration as well. If you have large space for this room at home, this design idea is the perfect one for you. In white room with big glass door, you need to put large Moroccan rug.

Then, you can start adding things, like rectangular cocktail table to make the most of the space along with hand chair and arm chair. Put green potted plant in the corners too. Then, it will give you the relaxing atmosphere you need in.

Living Room Idea with Flagstone Fireplace


Living room does not always need to have TV inside. For this idea, fireplace is better piece to include in. However, not all fireplaces would do though. This particular idea for example, works great with flagstone instead. The earth tone it has can bring old look in modern room.

Make sure to pair it properly. For that, we would need white sofa, white wooden back chair, and caramel armless chairs to place in front of it. Also, white floor lamp would accentuate the idea too. It looks nice, doesn’t it?

Living Room Design Idea with Mirrored Wall


You can make your living room as unique as possible if you want. You just need to know what’s right to use so it suits the idea. This time, instead of having fireplace, we suggest you to consider having mirrored wall in. It would be great to make it accent wall in this mid century modern living room here.

Still, you can’t just have the wall in. White sofas and small square cocktail table would be nice since the wall is already so big. Add more with linen hand chair and dark brown chair to finish this.

Peaceful Living Room with Its Shades of Pink


Each home design idea has its own characteristics to offer. Sure, there is modern style with its vibrancy as its characteristic in this idea here. However, you can’t expect too much bright color scheme from it. Even so, as long as it is calm one, it will work just fine.

Shades of pink for instance, can bring peace and serenity in your room. Choose white cocktail table with granite top, rectangular cocktail table, white curtains, and pink fixtures then. They would make wonderful look for the room.

Simple Living Room for Timeless Appearance


If you are on a budget, you can always realize simple living room idea. Don’t take simplicity lightly. After all, it has so much timeless look to offer. It won’t even cost you much money. Just make sure that there are at least lamp, sofa, armchair, and cocktail table in.

Wooden armchairs will give vintage touch from mid century, while the sofa will be the modern piece in the room. Go with single color for the sofa though and it will maintain the simple character of the idea. It will look great like that.

Glass Sun Room Mid Century Modern Design


Let us tell you beforehand though. This particular idea here costs much money to be really realized at home. Sun room has you to replace living room walls with glass made walls instead. That is why it can allow you to feel sunlight in the room and see beautiful landscape around your house.

Of course, we would need some industrial pieces of furniture in as well. For that, we suggest you to go with long ceiling lamp to hang on the ceiling, and black sofa or purple armchairs to put on the floor here.

Mid Century Modern with Its Flagstone Floor


Flagstone is not always meant to make fireplace in the living room. Let’s use it for the floor this time. Choose the color wisely. If we have to suggest, it would be the navy colored one. It looks great for mid century modern living room.

As for the furniture, we need to go with wooden armless chairs and wooden oval table. Even though the cost to renovate the room won’t be as expensive as the sun room idea, renovating the floor won’t be that cheap either. So, make sure to have everything ready.

Bricks Fireplace in Living Room

modern living room

If you want to get mid century modern living room, you must have a brick-made fireplace. To complete the retro style, you can choose black or cream brick wall. Then you shall prepare white sofas and wooden stools in your living room.

Do not forget to consider long rectangular wooden table too. You can shop a white wool-made rug to give more calmness in your living room. You may put wooden shelves near your brick fireplace.

Thus, bricks fireplace might be your favorite design. Be sure you have bright colored-walls so it does not bring old look in your living room.

Blue Shades in Living Room

Blue is definitely cool color. If you love seeing skies in the summer, you do agree with this statement. Blue shades are so adorable. Your living room will be lightened up by many shades of blue.

You can start to decorate your living room with light blue sofas and soft armchairs. If you like lazing around in your living room, a light blue-colored daybed will be a help. Mid-century vibes shall be maintained by the narrow bluish rectangular cocktail table.The uniformity of blue shades is an important key.

Overall, blue shades design is definitely coolest design for your living room. Make sure you get fixtures with all blue shades.

Open Lounge

Open lounge design is indeed for everybody who really loves natures and its surroundings. Glass-made walls become primary furniture you need to have. Without the existence of glass walls, you can not see breathtaking views near your living room.

Another furniture you have to put in the living room is a long-sized white lounge chair. Monochromatic floors are the best combination with your open lounge design. Medium blue-colored back to back sofas, rectangular glass cocktail table and some fake flowers in a vase will beautify open lounge-themed living room too.

Overall, open lounge design needs huge renovation if you already own house. It is energy-saving tough.

Earth Tones in Living Room

Earth tones can be identified as one of mid century. All earth tones contain brown shades. Some of the earth tones are orange, red, green, tan, blue and brown. This is the color of nature. If you bring earth tones in your mid century modern living room, you do a great job.

Wicker armchairs definitely are chic furniture in your living room. You can shop eucalyptus-made sofas too. It will help you to accentuate some earth tones. Replace your ordinary cocktail table with an artistic wooden table.

Moreover, a leather the lounge chair is a must-have furniture to bring more earth tones.

Hence, earth toned-living room totally brings all warm vibes to your living room. Brightness may be your issue.


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Choosing minimalistic living room is a very brilliant idea. Because this will keep your mid century modern living room. The minimalistic living room also works on small living room area. So, you must not be worried if your house only has tiny space for the living room.

White-colored furniture can help to punctuate minimalistic theme. You are suggested to buy white leather sofas, white floor lamps, white rugs, white sofa pillows and white hanging cabinets. If you do not have any leather sofas, other white sofas are still perfect.

Thus, the minimalistic living room can brighten your living room naturally. You may think it brings Boredoms to your living room.

Cream Color Theme

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Besides thinking about the monochromatic theme, you must be considering cream color too. To make your living room get creamy scheme, you can order back-to-back sofas and
Barcelona chairs. All should be in neutral cream color. For living room ceiling, you can choose cream colored-cedar ceiling.

To bring modern vibes, you can purchase Arco floor lamp. Your oval side tables in the cream color-themed living room can be black. You will get unbored with your side table.

Overall, the cream theme is perfect for those who love calmness. However, it can be boring too.


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The wood-paneled living room is known as spectacular mid century living room inspiration. If you want to adopt wood-paneled design, you must buy wood panel walls. Soft caramel color of wood panel wall will make you comfortable in your living room.

Without wood panel wall, your living room must not be the same. You can shop wooden panel in many furniture stores. Your wood-paneled living room will be complete with soft texture furniture. Mid century wood-paneled wall usually made of narrow and long wood.

Hence, the wood-paneled living room gives you soft charming vibes. But is expensive for people with low-budgets.

Brazilian Design

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Are you looking for mid century living room ideas? Give a Brazilian style a try! Brazilian design is one of mid century living room designs. There are various mid century living room chairs of Brazilian style. You can shop yellow stools, rosewood-made grey chair, white armchair, and sofa.

Every Brazilian design uses a diagonal-patterned rug. You can put white short lamps too on your table. Brazilian seems to like having aprons and white-colored side tables in their living room.

Therefore, Brazilian style is super enchanting. You may get difficulties to find hanging aprons.

Parisian Twist

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If you traveled in Paris in 1940s-1950s, you would see a lot of wing chairs in many houses. The wing chairs become an essential part of Parisian living rooms. You can get these mid century living room chairs too. Do not forget to choose bright-colored wing chairs. Red wing chairs are the best option.

Another chair in Parisian twist style faces armchair and stool. White-colored face armchairs seriously will bring retro nuances to your living room. You have to consider high floor stamp too. This lamp is a must-have item in every Parisian house.

Thus, the Parisian twist can give an elegant vintage look to your living room. However, budgets might be your real constraint.


Living Room
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Mid century atomic living room might not be as popular as mid century bohemian living room. To get a wonderful atomic living room, you also need to have some retro furniture. Those retro furnitures will not be too old even in your new house. It will turn your ordinary living room into the most stylish living room ever.

The Atomic living room has its own characteristics. There are 2 famous atomic types of furniture, peaceful atoms and destroying atoms. Destroying atoms means irregular patterns. Peaceful atoms are made of connected small dots. Globe pendant becomes mid century living room lighting of atomic style.

Hence, the atomic design is suitable to accentuate details on every fixture. However, you may be bored with atomic motifs.


Modern Living Room
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Mid century modern bohemian living room has been loved by many people because of its uniqueness. Mid century bohemian living room combines light and dark colors together. You will easily find out mid century boho living room in Californian houses.

The bohemian style also uses a lot of eclectic or geometric patterns. Blue and green are two inevitably paramount colors of mid century boho living room. Both blue and green can dominate in the bohemian-styled living room. The tribal decor is also mid century living room decor.

If you are truly a fan of the bohemian style, you can choose white-colored lamps, walls, glasses, rugs, doors and etc. For your sofa, you can shop leather-made sofa. Wooden coffee tables and credenzas are great furnitures too. You may like having a golden coffee tray in your mid century boho living room.

Overall, bohemian style can bring warm vibes to your living room. Sometimes, it looks untidy because there are many traditional kinds of stuff.

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