Discover a new visual appeal to your living space with table lamps. Table lamp itself has successfully undergone a major reface from old and stuffy to charming and inviting room addition. Grab some inspiration for living room lighting ideas with table lamps!

Plenty of ideas are available to bring a new style to the living room. As there is a wide array of table lamp styles and designs, you are free to choose one that matches the entire element. Here are some lighting ideas to bring your living room to the next level.

White Table Lamps with Minimalist Look

Minimalist is among favorite interior styles for living room. The typical style is characterized by neutral color schemes such as grey or white. This white table lamp presents a strong minimalist character, thanks to its sleek white shade that collaborates with modern body.

Going further, there is a large white table lamp that evokes a minimalist flair. It matches your minimalist living room interior with bold clean lines and modern nuance. The whole-white table lamp sits nicely on a glass top side table.

Do you expect a table lamp with more function? Take this reference into your consideration. The white, minimalist table lamp can function as a charger. Thanks to USB port that allows you to charge any compatible devices while enjoying the ambient light. Its white color brings a visual appeal to the living room.

Timeless Table Lamps with Glass

Glass can be an attractive material to elevate the value and appearance of your table lamps. Take a close look to this jar table lamp that comes with a large jar and off-white shade. This lighting idea works for any interior style, though it may work best for farmhouse or industrial.

Living room lighting ideas with table lamps made of glass, brass and metal conduit wire is more suitable for your modern space. This lamp idea is designed with glass shade, thus it can bounce more light to the living room. Stone base makes the lamp stand securely on the table.

Furthermore, table lamp with glass body brings a timeless look. White lamp shade matches translucent body, giving a perfect choice for modern, contemporary, or minimalist living room. Its cozy ambience does make your mood while treating relatives or friends. It also becomes a nice idea for bedside lamp.

Architectural Table Lamps

Architectural table lamp becomes an appealing choice for any living room concept. The following table lamp presents a timeless, oval white shade. It collaborates with brass lines and rectangle base that elevate the value of your living room.

How about bringing in something abstract? This white table lamp serves an aesthetic appearance to the living room. A white feature that flows down to the base lets your guest figure it out. You can combine this modern light fixture with wooden side table.

Or else, living room lighting ideas with table lamps that look unique is also a new way to enhance the space. A spilled glass lamp in bright yellow color palette creates a decorative and architectural nuance to your living room. It matches best for modern and contemporary interior design.

One of a Kind Table Lamp Ideas

If you are a typical person who wants something distinct and unique, these table lamp ideas are truly for you.  The indescribable table lamp looks enchanting and timeless with its infinite design. The light fixture can light up your living room corner in a nice way.

You can also create a table lamp on your own. DIY table lamp is obviously one of a kind as it is not available in any stores. This light fixture becomes a perfect example of unique table lamp made of bulbs. Reuse your old bulbs and stick them together to create an outstanding, creative table lamp idea. This works best for your industrial living room concept.

Embrace the nature with eco-friendly table lamp. The following table lamp uses stacked stones to hold the shade. It provides you with one of a kind light fixture that redefines your style. Thanks to white shade and natural stones that make it a perfect addition for minimalist living room. As a tips, place the lamp on a white table for the best look.

Wooden Table Lamps

Wood can serve as a versatile material for table lamps. There are various designs to enhance your living room with wooden light fixtures. Take this picture for example, the small table lamp with wood frame can bring a big impact to the living room. If you live in a narrow apartment with small living room, this table lamp can do you any good.

A wooden tripod table lamp also provides you with a distinct look. This wooden light fixture is designed with a pretty large white shade that matches any living room style such as minimalist, modern, or even farmhouse.

Are you looking for simple living room lighting ideas with table lamps? The black wooden light fixture comes in a small size that can give sufficient illumination for your narrow space. Thanks to its black color scheme that allows you to blend the feature with any living room style.

Table Lamp Ideas with Industrial Style

Your industrial living room deserves the best table lamp idea. This light fixture with black shade presents a strong industrial nuance. A large ceramic body makes a fusion of traditional look to the lamp. This can make a great collaboration with unfinished wooden table.

A stylish light fixture that can enhance your industrial living room! This creative light fixture is made of hardware that accentuates an industrial concept. Coming in a small size, the table lamp makes a perfect addition for a small living room. The red wheel adds more color to the feature.

Living room lighting ideas with table lamps that involves iron and metal decoration obviously present an industrial look. A gallon-shade light fixture with iron holder boosts up the interior of your industrial living room. Its ambient light provides you with a warm and dramatic nuance.

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