Lighting Ideas for Bedroom

A light fixture is among the most essential elements of an interior. The fact that a light fixture can break or make a room design, you should pay a thorough attention when choosing the right one. This prevails to any room, including the bedroom. What are the best lighting ideas for bedroom ceilings?

There is no such best or worst lighting ideas. Each bedroom has its own interior style or design which influences the right choice of light fixtures. Below, you are about to find loads of lighting ideas for bedroom in any styles and concepts. Get ready to blow your mind!

Futuristic Look with LED Indirect Lighting

LED indirect lighting is one of modern lighting ideas for ceiling. It typically comes as LED strips that are installed around the ceiling. The design can also be customized according to your preferences. As you can see in the pictures, LED strips provide the bedroom with futuristic flair.

You can also go further with this bedroom lighting idea. A fissure on bedroom ceiling can be a perfect base for LED indirect lighting. This lighting idea evokes a mysterious, mystical, yet inviting look to the bedroom. Combine with other light fixture for sufficient room illumination.

Another perfect example of LED indirect lighting for bedroom ceiling. LED strips installed around the ceiling serves a dimensional look. If you want to add a dramatic effect to the bedroom, this lighting idea is what you need to use.

Cozy Ornamental Lantern

Lantern is a type of hanging light that suits any room including the bedroom. The ornamental lantern hanging low on ceiling beam matches the entire interior elements. The ambient lighting evokes a warm and cozy ambience for a quality night’s sleep. To secure the lantern, you may opt for iron rods.

But a classic ornamental lantern may be not a good addition for modern bedroom. Instead, you can opt for a glowing silver lantern with attractive shade. This modern ornamental lantern among lighting ideas for bedroom ceilings brings in sophisticated look. Consider to combine with recessed lighting for additional light fixtures.

How about adopting Asian style through a fascinating fabric lantern? This Asian white lantern is hanging low, making it a perfect choice for your high ceiling. White lantern in a white bedroom provides you with a flawless interior design.

Starry Sky Lighting Ideas

Give the best attraction for kid’s bedroom through a magnificent lighting idea. Bringing in light projector and transform the bedroom ceiling into a starry sky. Ceiling light projector is pretty easy to install but can offer a splendid lighting effect.

But a light projector may be too modest for your master bedroom. Opt for crystal light fixture to add some glam and enhance the bedroom. This impressive light fixture comes with tiny bulbs to provide you with starry effect to the ceiling. Thanks to decorative gold twigs that make it look luxurious.

One of bedroom ceiling lights that is affordable is string lights. If you are on a tight budget, string lights serve as a great lighting idea without emptying your purse. Stretch the string lights throughout the ceiling to create a starry sky nuance.

Priceless Classic Chandelier

Lighting ideas for bedroom ceilings with classic chandelier look priceless. This chandelier has a simple design with slight metal branches and chains as holders. Some crystals are added to elevate the value. This light fixture is hanging low on a slope ceiling.

A vintage classic chandelier is unarguably a center point in the bedroom. The light fixture makes a perfect addition for a white slope ceiling. Its pale color blends with the entire bedroom elements. This classic chandelier gives you a cozy ambience for a quality sleep.

You can also find a classic chandelier for your farmhouse bedroom. This light fixture looks attractive with thin metal branches and chain. Coming with many branches, the chandelier offers a sufficient illumination to the farmhouse bedroom. The chandelier’s height is adjusted just right.

Unique Hanging Light

Bold your unique character by bringing in some unique light fixtures! A hanging light with round frame provides you with an industrial accent. The light fixture is hung nicely on the low ceiling. The presence of uplight design makes your bedroom seem larger.

If you need superb lighting ideas for bedroom ceilings, this hanging light in gold color really adds glam to the room. It features leaf-shaped golden plates that create a mesmerizing light frame. The fixture serves as a focal point without effort! To enhance your bedroom interior, crown molding may be a perfect base for this hanging light.

When a gold light fixture is really not your style, you may go shabby. This unique light fixture evokes a shabby look, thanks to its natural material that provides you with a unique nuance. As a tips, you can add wall ornament from similar material for a stronger nuance.

Perfect Lighting Ideas for Low Ceiling

Having a low ceiling means you need to be careful in choosing the right lighting ideas. Flush light is among the best option for this kind of ceiling. It does not hang too low, just right on the ceiling. Or if you have a small bedroom, flush light works best to serve sufficient illumination. This flush light idea looks more fascinating with points of the compass. The light fixture is collaborated with recessed lighting for better lighting.

Or else you can just simply hang the flush light. This simple flush light fixture makes the best look in the bedroom, especially when it comes with low ceiling. The flush light provides you with sufficient illumination. Just choose the right fixture size. Interestingly, it can also serve as ambient light to offer you a cozy ambience at night.

How about making a customized flush light? Standard flush light may be too simple and boring for your cool bedroom. You can bring it to the next level by customizing the frame. Thorny frame enhances the interior while still providing you with function. If you have a large bedroom, combining with other light fixture may be among the best lighting ideas for bedroom ceilings.

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