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Cramped space has always been something of big concern when it comes to home design. However, just because you don’t have that much space at home, it does not mean that you can’t keep more things inside. You don’t even have to throw them away to spare some place at home.

There is no need for you to do such thing. You’ve got laundry stuff to keep? No need for you to worry since there are many laundry room shelf ideas worth to take into account. You just need to pick properly.

As you can imagine, having shelf around is really helpful to get space to store things. It is usually installed high on the wall so as to not take the space on the floor anymore. That being said, shelf alone sometimes wouldn’t be enough for laundry room.

That is why there is a need for you to consider having hanging rod to hang things. In this case, they would be the clothes of course. Still, you need to pick the best idea to go with. So, here let us tell you some of them in this article here.

Storage Above Machine with Cabinets

Most storage ideas are like this in general. Since your place is now small, you can’t take anymore space on the floor. You must have washing machines there already after all. So, let’s just have the storage on the wall right above those machines. You can either go with cabinet or open shelves, or the combination of both to keep laundry stuff, like the boxes of soap, scales, etc. The hanging rod would be there between the two cabinets. They will offer easy access that way as you wash laundry.

Laundry Storage Idea with Open Shelves

With cabinets, you get the shelves hidden inside. Open shelves don’t have doors to cover them with. Even so, you can make good use of this to have your stuff displayed neatly in the shelves. Just make sure to have them neatly put and they will make good décor for your laundry room.

Just like before, the shelves are usually installed above the washing machines. You can get the hanging rod beside or between the shelves, or have it in separate wall side. Make sure it is beyond your reach in the room.

Laundry Room Storage Idea with Baskets

Utility Laundry Room Shelf Storage
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You don’t always have to put your stuff directly in the shelves. Sometimes, there is just too much thing to keep in laundry room. When it comes to that, you will find the need to use wicker baskets. As you might have guessed, you put your stuff in the baskets and have them kept in the shelves. Now, you can keep everything in without making too much crowd in your shelves. This idea makes smart storage for the needs. Wicker material is the most suitable one for the laundry baskets too.

Laundry Room Shelf Ideas with It’s Cover

Laundry Room Shelf Decor Ideas
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The way you have the shelves for your laundry room can be different. Before, you got the choices of going with cabinetry or open shelves. This time, you can have open shelves covered with curtain. If you don’t prefer it like this, you can design your shelves to have different kinds of door.

There is one kind of laundry room shelf ideas where the door can be opened from below. There is another with sliding door too. So, if you wish for closed shelf, consider either of the shelving ideas we have here.

Laundry Room Storage with Hanger Idea

You get enough ideas for the shelves along with their organization. Can we get more ideas for the hanger as well? To hang your clothes, you will need hanging rod for sure. Mostly, you just need to hang the rod and you can hang your clothes with hangers that way. However, you can hang shorter rod below it to hang smaller clothes. It will be easier to reach that way too.

You can also use pull out hanger as alternative. With either of them, you can always get clothes hung instead of folding them.

Laundry Storage with Ironing Board/Table

Laundry Room Hanging Rod Shelf
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You don’t need to spare big room to be made into your laundry room. After all, even with shelves, you can make sure to store everything in without having to throw some away. You have the machines and storage now, but the ironing space must be there too.

If you are tight on a budget and the space, you don’t need to go too far. You can simply spare some flat space below the storage to act as the ironing table. If not, you can also use ironing board. It can be folded away when not in use.

Laundry Basket Idea for All Dirty Clothes

There are actually more things to include in the laundry room than you might think. The washer and storage have to be there at least. You can add ironing board if you want too. Yes, you get the hanging rod to hang your clean clothes. What about the dirty ones then? For that, you should consider having laundry baskets in the room too. You can use plastic containers and big bags to store under the ironing table or just place tall carts in the alcove in the room. It should be enough like that.

Laundry Organizer Shelves Storage Idea

To tell you the truth, there are more ways to design your shelves. With hanging rods for example, you can use small sized ones to hang baskets and even shelves as well. There is no need for you to always make purchase of shelves for your laundry room.

Laying planks of wood on plumbing are enough to keep your stuff on. If this kind of laundry room shelf ideas is not enough for your things, you can consider having big metal rack in so you can store more. It is if you have the space to do so.

Laundry Room Storage Lockers
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