Ideas for Bedroom Teenage Girl – children grow up fast. Before we know it, they are already teens. Thus, we should stop treating them like little kids. Still, parents would always want the best for their children. It applies to even as small as things like designing their bedroom.

Of course, you have to do total makeover when your kids have grown up from child into teenager. However, there is nothing to worry about. There are many bedroom decorating ideas to take inspiration from after all. There are simple ones if you want them too. There are things to think about though.

Just like when you have to design other rooms, there are colors, patterns, and designs you need to give some thought before realizing them. They have to properly work together. Only then, you can make sophisticated bedroom for your teens.

If you don’t know what to do to design your teens’ bedroom, you can consider these ideas below. You can follow the ideas entirely or take some parts of one only. Now, let’s just get down to it in this opportunity below. Who knows there is one or two that might be suitable for your kids’ bedroom?

Simple Bedroom Idea for Twins

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If your kids are twins, they don’t usually like to be separated from each other, right? So, we can put them in the same bedroom. Since there will be two people in it, the decorating idea does not have to be too much. Let’s make it simpler and it will make fine idea even for small room.

In white room with window shade, have two single beds in with wooden nightstand in the middle. Get matching bedding with strip pattern for style and floral one for beauty. It’ll be more like girls’ room that way.

Bedroom with Lovely Tint of Pink

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We have one idea for single person bedroom here. Just because it is for one person, you don’t have to make it into master bedroom if you don’t have the space to do so. If you have quite big alcove with window on one side in the room, you can consider putting bed with drawers in it.

Use light fixture on the wall to replace the night lamp. You can make shelves and hang mirror too. For girly touch in the room, use white paint color with tint of pink in it. It will look lovely with fuchsia pieces.

Stylish Bedroom for Mature Taste

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As the kids grow up, they will keep maturing as the time passes. Things will change and it even includes their taste on things too. So, you might want to go with stylish bedroom idea instead. How about this one? You can realize it even if you are on a budget.

In white room, you can choose beige bed with high mattress in cream bedding. The nightstand can be in white with beige items too. Add more stylish touch with black white night lamp, big mirror, wall decors, and pillows to finish the idea.

White Teenage Girl Bedroom

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It was time to take down the lady bug decor and let Leah’s 10 year old personality shine! Decorating this tween girl bedroom was a ton of fun!

Winter Themed Girl Bedroom Idea

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Speaking about stylish bedroom, you can go all out if you want. Decide the theme you want to realize first though. If you take a liking to winter theme, you can try this one here. Compared to the previous bedroom decorating ideas before, it is quite an all out one indeed.

In white room with wooden floor, you have big bed with white and gray bedding. For stylish touch, you may have white hammock included in. Have wired custom lighting on the floor and it will add drama to the bedroom.

Casual Bedroom with Potted Plants

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Bedroom doesn’t have to be so grand to be considered as well designed one. If you are not fond of modern vibe, you can always try the casual one instead. You can start with white room again here. Beside the window, you can put metal framed single bed with white bedding.

Use metal nightstand with simple white night lamp. Then, surround the area around the bed with potted plants, like one beside the nightstand, on piles of books by the footboard, and above hanging from the upper shelf.

Bedroom with Twinkling Stars Effect

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Young girls are still as imaginative as they were kids. They still like imaginary things. So, why don’t we apply this idea in their bedroom then? You don’t have to do much. Just go with white metal framed bed in room with white walls and gray floor.

Decorate the wall right beside the bed with photos, making it wonderful gallery to look at in every chance. For the twinkling stars effect, look for wired lighting and wrap the headboard frame, window frame, and just below the bedroom ceiling.

Little Girl Beds

Little Girl Beds
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Bedroom Idea with Twinkling Gallery

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This bedroom idea is quite similar with the previous one. What’s highlighted here is how the photo gallery is designed on the bedroom wall and how the wired lighting is used. This time, instead of attaching the photos directly on the wall, you will hang them along with the little lights on the wire. Then, hang the wires concavely one after another till just above the bed surface. It is pretty romantic vibe for couples, but pretty chic even for just teenager. Use your photos to make memorable gallery.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

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Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas for a teenage girl or girls may be a little tricky because she has grown up. The decoration of a teenage girl’s room can also vary greatly, depending on the interests and personality. Check out these Teenage girl bedroom ideas d #girlsroomideas #girlsbedroomideas #girlsroomdecor #bedroomdesignideas

Bedroom with Sofa Bed and Bed Veil

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Speaking about bed with veil hanging from above, you might have imagined big bedroom with big bed in it. Actually, you don’t need to have such space and such bed to realize the idea. The room decoration can be made simpler. This one of bedroom decorating ideas for example makes good use of big window to stand sofa bed in front.

Go with white curtain and bedding. Hang the veil from above the window frame with light pink fabric. Match it with the pillows below and it will look lovely. It makes wonderful idea for cramped space too.

Teenage Room

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Is your little girls bedroom decor ready for an update? Transform a boring room into a personalized and extraordinary Tween Girls Bedroom she will love!

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