Having garage is not all about having the space to keep your vehicles in. As you might have known, it is the place where you can put your tools in. Not to mention, it can even serve as your workspace too. Still, there is just too much thing people want to put in their garage. That is why there is a need for us to consider taking garage pegboard organization ideas. They are the best solution you can choose to manage all tools in the garage. When it comes to them, what do you imagine them to be?

By definition, pegboard is a board with regular pattern of small holes. Those holes are specifically meant for pegs so you can hang things on this board. Usually, the board itself is hung on the wall so as to not occupy the space on the floor. Besides, things become much easier to store away or keep. The very concern you need to think about next is how you are going to have it on the wall. Not to mention the pegboard itself varied from one to another. Here, let us tell you some nice ideas here.

Broad Pegboard with Folding Table

You can always go with the usual pegboard to hang on the wall. Then, start hanging your tools on it. Almost every tool can be hug. They include hammer, ruler, screwdriver, and the kind. However, for smaller things, you can put them in small boxes and simply place them on the little shelf you had hung on the pegboard before. We have the storage done with that, but sometimes we will need table to work things on. Since we can’t take floor space, use folding table instead and it will be fine.

Tools Storage Idea on Pegboard

Not all tools you use at home are small sized ones enough to hold with one hand. There are garden tools, like rake, pruning saw, shovel, hedge shears, garden hose, and the kind too. For big stuff like this, you can’t possibly go with the normal pegboard usually meant for small stuff. You will need pegboard storage system instead. Along with it, you have to get several hooks to hang the tools with. Since each tool is big, make space from one hook to another and it will make things look neat.

Pegboard Panel for Garage Storage


You don’t have to hang big pegboard on the wall if you don’t have that much thing to store in the garage at home. If that’s the case, what do we have to do? If pegboard won’t do, it is all the more reason for you not to use storage systems like those we have discussed before. You don’t have to worry. For small number of tools, you better use pegboard panel. As the name suggests, it is small version of big pegboard. Its size won’t occupy much space and will serve as good storage for sure.

Pegboard with Open Shelves Below


What if even big pegboard is not enough to keep everything stored? As big as pegboard might be, it has several sizes to choose one from. If the pegboard in first idea above is not enough of a size for your stuff, you can look for one as bigger as the entire space on one of your garage walls. Make good use of the space from the pegboard. If that’s not yet enough, try hanging small stuff in small boxes or containers. This one of garage pegboard organization ideas suggests shelves for paint sprayers.

You don’t always have to hook tools direly on the pegboard or put stuff in containers and have them hung on it too. If you have ribbon rolls or the kind for example, you can slide them in wooden stick or pole and place the stick on two hooks. Then, it will make nice hanger for the rolls, right? They are easier to see, so you can get the color you need right away. It even looks nicer for display instead of just putting the ribbons on boxes. They are not a pain to take or store back, so you’ve got to try this.

Shelf and Rope Pegboard Idea

For those who like making some crafts, they would have their tools separated from the other kinds, right? However, sometime crafting tools are not that much. So, how about you try this pegboard idea here? You have pegboard hung on the wall. With rope and small wood planks, you make the shelves. The weight you put on the planks will make the surface stays flat. You don’t need to put much effort to make the shelves yourself. You can even take them away and change the idea too.

Pegboard Organization Ideas for Warehouse

Assembled Storage

You can actually make pegboard on your own from wood like this. This DIY idea can simply be made by making holes on wood plank. Don’t just stop only here though. You need to make the most of the storage by adding some items to assemble. Putting wooden pole that fits the hole for example can get you the place to hang stuff. Lining some poles and putting small wooden plank on them will then serve as shelf for you. When you don’t need them, you can always take them off and you are done.

Pegboard with Screwdriver Holder

When it comes to tools to fix things, we are sure that you will have more than one screwdriver to use. Each screwdriver is different in shape and size. They are meant for different things from each other. That is why it is a must to have them all. That being said, it is not always possible for us to hang them all on the pegboard. So, this one of garage pegboard organization ideas has you to consider using screwdriver holder. You can then have them all properly stored together on board.

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