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Almost all rooms today need door stoppers. If your door keeps banging continuously on your wall, you must be ready to repair your wall someday. It is not a good idea since repairing wall could be time consuming and really costly. Instead of repairing your wall, it is much cheaper and easier to change the damaged door stopper. That’s why you want door stopper with magnetic system.

Magnetic system on the door stopper comes with extra benefit. It will help keeping your door stays in open position. General door stopper is nice but if you’re upgrading it, you will want the magnetic one. Magnetic door stopper might be a little more expensive but it works better than other door stoppers you can find on the stores. Ready to order the magnetic door stopper for door upgrades?

Unique Shaped Magnetic Door Stopper Set

Magnetic door stoppers come in various shapes. All of them are going to add beauty to your adorable room. Pick one that matches the theme of your interior. For example, your nature themed room would look better with a flower shaped door stopper made of metal. Simply put the door stopper in front of your door and it will hold your door opened. Choose one which is strong enough to hold heavy door.

Nautical themed room or beach styled interior would need door stopper that fits. Consider door stopper that’s made of metal, concrete, and rope. With anchor painted on the surface, this beautiful door stopper will blend with your interior design flawlessly. Since this door stopper is made of magnificent materials, you can use it indoor and outdoor as well. Repaint the stopper to match it with the interior or exterior.

If you’re looking for door stopper for living room door, try to get something that matches your door knocker. For example, if you have black colored door knocker, black stopper on the floor will be awesome. Or if you want a grape shaped door knocker, get a door stopper in another fruit shape. They’re going to make the room feels more natural, especially if you have living plants inside.

Cute Magnetic Stopper to Keep

What’s your favorite pet? Mine is puppy. If you’re a dog person as well, you’ll love everything looks like your puppy, like the dog shaped door stopper that will catch your door and prevent it to be closed. Another animal shaped door stopper is also available not only to hold the door but also to make it looks more attractive. Get door stopper that has holder so you can move it to another door easily and quickly.

Some of us would love to enjoy the rest of the day on the back porch while leaving the back door opened. If you need something to keep it opened, use the nature themed door stopper with magnetic like the door stopper with duck and wood shape. It comes in green to match your garden as the background. Place it in front of the door you want to open and it will make your porch feels natural.

For those who love gardening and plants, leave shaped door stopper come in really simple style that will match any room at home. The yellow one looks so fresh, perfect for your kids’ bedroom. The white one is an excellent option for modern room with white floor. If you pic door stopper that has same color as the floor, you need to be really careful to step so that you won’t hit it and hurt your feet.

Best Made of Quality Materials

So many materials are used to build magnetic door stopper. However, the most famous ones are wood, metal, and plastic. Which one is the best one? Well, it depends on personal preference you have and also your budget. But the wooden one is the stronger choice. Wooden magnetic door holder is especially the best choice if your room has wooden wall or wooden floor.

Wooden wall and wooden floor are going to look better with the presence of wooden magnetic door stopper that has similar color with those elements. When you’re shopping the beautiful wooden stopper, you need to make sure that its color matches your wooden floor or at least the wooden wall. Wooden stopper that’s darker or lighter than wooden wall or floor will provide awkward look to the interior.

Unfortunately, wooden magnetic door stopper cannot be used in all rooms at home. Bathroom shouldn’t get wooden magnetic stopper since wooden stopper might rot because of water damage or moisture. Mounting your wooden magnetic stopper in bathroom where the humidity is higher than other rooms is like giving your wooden stopper to get destroyed. Pick stopper made of other materials for bathroom.

Another Material Used to Make Magnetic Door Stopper

If you need something stronger than wood, metal door stopper is for you. Magnetic door stopper made of metal s able to take beatings. Some magnetic stoppers made of metal are cheap while the others could be expensive. But mostly, metal magnetic door stoppers are expensive. However, with the wonderful durability of metal magnetic stoppers, the pricey price is nothing.

There are various styles available for metal magnetic door stoppers. Some styles require you to mount them on the wall while the others can be mounted on your floor. Pick one that suits your interior design the most. Shape of brass and the other metal magnetic stoppers also available in several options. It lets you getting the fittest one for your door.

Silver, black, and gold, are some color options available for metal magnetic door stopper. Make sure you do the fitting first before looking for magnetic door stopper. The color of your magnetic door stopper will affect the atmosphere of your interior, so choose it wisely. Avoid the gold one if you’re not ready to ruin the elegance of your modern or contemporary interior. Instead, go with the black one.

Since you’ve learned everything about door stopper with magnetic, you’re now ready to shop the magnetic door shopper for every door in your house.

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